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# Thema - 12.07.2017 um 18:24 Uhr
Hello all,
Like to give you an quick little update how far we settled in the tournament so far I know.
In this tournament we play against each clan 2 wars ( one in our server and our style and the other in their style / optional server.)

We played 3 wars ( with OaO, Am0k and ESOE):
OaO : last war was in our server they had the choice for the gamestyle.
NEXT WAR: we decide our next war and they can choose a map.

Am0k: last war was their server we played stalingrad and south france.
NEXT WAR: we play in algiers and verschneit in our server.

ESOE: last war was in our server, our gamestyle .
NEXT WAR: probably their server and gamestyle we able to choose one map in this war.

I will update the other wars later

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